The mission of The Illuminatio Project is to portray a journey of self-discovery and self transformation in personal, authentic and collaborative ways through the staging and performing of Antonio Delgado’s dance theatre spectacle, Illuminatio:Yo Soy, in and around Seattle.


Hello, my name is Antonio Jesús Delgado, and I greet you with all my heart. Amanda, whom you all know to have had the courage, dedication, and enthusiasm to direct this project, has asked me to write a brief artist’s statement, which I have gladly agreed to do.

I was born in Andújar, a small village in the region of Andalusia, in Spain. I am Andaluz. It is in my blood, and my nature, like that of my people, is very passionate. From a very young age I felt passionate about two callings, the theater and the quest to understand the mystery of our existence.

I studied at the College of Dramatic Arts in Seville, and in my own way I gradually introduced and began to integrate my restless searching to understand life’s mysteries into each lesson as it was studied and developed. With study and observation, I began to comprehend and see clearly the extraordinary role that the arts play, particularly the dramatic arts, in the supreme science of knowing oneself or put another way, knowing God which is One Self.

The dramatic arts, as an instrument of this Supreme Science, reach their fullest expression in the resolution of the dramatic conflict. All dramatic conflict echoes the sublime human conflict that exists in the question, ¨Who am I?¨At the same time, the performing arts – dance, music, theatre – are the most effective medium to convey this conflict to its resolution. When the human family is more spiritually developed, temples, laboratories and theatres will make up one unified space where the whole community will go to celebrate and exalt in their divinity in an artistic way.

Just as I finished my degree, I met Alicia, my wife, the great miracle of my life.

With her help, and from scratch, I founded a drama school in Ciudad Real. From the first moment, this venerable paradigm was being developed in the school and the question, ¨Who are you?¨was ever present among us. It became a place of encounter where we permitted eachother to Be, Feel, Express, Communicate, Transcend. From the school, a professional company of actors emerged and an alternative theatre venue that lasted six years and was called Caja Negra (Black Box.)

Before concluding the first year of being in that space of brightness and emptiness, I had the opportunity to premiere Antonio Onetti´s ¨Salvia.,¨ simultaneously inaugurating our theatre venue. The following year, we premiered Albert Camus´ ¨Los Justos¨ (The Just Assassins.) At that time, I was giving classes in around twenty theatre companies, always developing ways to teach this sacred transcendence that I proposed for Theatre.

Caja Negra premiered two more shows in the following two years, directed by colleagues who had been trained at the school. After six years, the company had an excellent reputation. We organized four years of the ¨International Festival of Iberamerican Theatre¨at our venue, we presented theatre performance series, conferences, we went on tour. There were a lot of people involved in Caja Negra between students, actors and frequenters of the venue. An extraordinary movement for healing human relationships through art was generated in the region.

The company found itself at the height of its success. We had been rehearsing our new and most ambitious project, Illuminatio, for a year when I had to make a crucial decision in my personal life, a leap of Faith, and doing the right thing meant abandoning Caja Negra.

After all the time invested in exhausting rehearsals, and the effort of many company members, “Illuminatio” did not premiere. I had the pieces of a puzzle I did not understand and in order to put them together, I had to embark on an investigation deep within myself of what those characters represented. I threw myself into this task completely, and from that moment on, for eight years now, I have not gone back to working professionally in theatre.

However, I continued to work at my vocation, if possible, in an even more profound way, as now embodying the roles of actor, director, author, investigative laboratory and battleground. What’s more, what began then as a slight intuition, soon became the clear and loving voice of the Father, who has accompanied me from that day to this.

After a few years of experencing in myself and in everything around me the joy of the presence of the Father, I wrote the script, “Illuminatio: Yo Soy.” The work is the fruit of the unconditional collective labor of my company, who for a year withstood the uncertainty of characters who were not fathomable, and regarding whom I myself had become perplexed. To this work, I added the labor that for the previous years, I had developed in the laboratory of my Life and of my Emotions, of my Thoughts and of my Being, always with the loving guidance of my Father, who almost always advised me to take “the narrow gate;” though, the road has always been sweet.

From that time to this, I have been breathing life into the script as I come to life myself, but the characters that are arquetypes in the play have been there since the beginning. They are the same ones that emerged from the spiritual creativity possessed by that humane group of artists and wizards that was Caja Negra. I say this so that they may know I remember them affectionately and to honor and give them the recognition and merit that is theirs.

At this time, I live happy and satisfied with Alicia and my two daughters – Inés, in the bloom of adolescence, and Celia, still my little one. With them, I play the lead in the Grand Theatre of my Life in the marvelous show of daily synchrony, which is the presence of the Father. My mind bows before Him; He lifts me up with His Love until I see that everything is Him and He is in everything. Fear vanishes; time stands still. It is the glory of heaven on Earth, and it is the patrimony and birthright of every human being.

Art is the synthesis of Science and Religion. It is that which permits us to express what we are. The Dramatic Arts in particular is the conciliation between Matter and Spirit, which gives birth to Consciousness and has its roots in the resolution of the dramatic conflict, which is, “Who am I?” The Performing Arts, then, allow us to open the doors to Experience.

“Let Illuminatio begin!”

May Illuminatio inspire you ….

Company Members

Antonio Delgado (Playwright and Acting Coach)

Antonio Delgado, born in Andújar in the Spanish region of Andalucía, licensed in Dramatic Arts by the College of Dramatic Arts of Sevilla (Spain), director of the professional theatre company, “Oniria Teatro”, previously director of the professional theatre company, “Caja Negra Teatro”, and author of the play, “Illuminatio: Yo Soy”.

Amanda Goodwin (Artistic Director and Choreographer)

In 1993 Amanda Goodwin traveled to Taizé, France, for the first time and met many people who have had a profound impact on her life, including playwright, Antonio Delgado (at that time a drama student.)

After seven years living in Spain, Amanda came back to the United States to become a Spanish translator and a bilingual dancer and choreographer. She has been working with Antonio on the production of Illuminatio in Seattle since 2012. She is passionate about helping others to express the soul and heal the body through dance.

Ariel Alfaro (Graphic Designer)

Ariel is an alumni of Edmonds Community College and expresses herself through various forms of visual art including photography, henna art, and zentangles.

Instagram: arielalfaro

Website: www.arielalfaro.com

Love Boyd (Dancer/Actress in the Chorus)

Love Boyd is a free form dancer and experimental community artist, alchemist, storyteller, and mystic clown fool heartedly aspiring to rise in love and world wonderment with her fellow human beings…and trees, and bees…and whales, only with the whales she plans to go really really deep until she can feel the love all the way through the darkest dark of the whole universe before the stars…

Pam Cooper (Fight Choreographer, Loco)

Over the past 39 plus years – Pam Cooper has worked with people of all ages, abilities and some disabilities. She feels there is no limit to someone being able to train in Aikido, only ones own willingness to trust they can.
Pam Cooper is the Head Instructor at Aikido of West Seattle, which she started in 1988.Ms. Cooper began her training in 1975 in Santa Cruz. She moved to Seattle in 1976 and trained with Mary Heiny. Cooper Sensei has also taught a variety of classes at Community Centers and Colleges in the Seattle Area -classes ranging from Senior self-defense to toddlers with their parents, (Junior High and Senior High) Teacher’s Self Defense.

Karin de Weille (Performer, interpreting the role of “Human Being”)

Karin de Weille is a traveller.  She has lived in various parts of the world, landing in 2009 in Seattle with her daughter.  She also travels among the arts.  She teaches literature and leads writing workshops, sculpts and dances, and makes forays into the performing arts, most recently writing and performing for the prayerformance Water Sines at St. Marks Cathedral.  Above all, she loves to live on the edge of discovery, feeling the vital presence of another, whether a dear friend or stranger (herself included), a tree or animal, her audience or the ocean.  


Michelle Froehlich (Dancer/Actress in the Chorus)

Michelle moved up to Seattle from Yakima to explore more dance opportunities. She spends her workday surrounded by delicious chocolate at Dilettante Mocha. Her spare time is occupied by reading and some sort of artwork, usually oil painting.

Simon Grant (Actor, interpreter the role, “Love”)

Simon has performed with The Illuminatio Project since 2014. He has also performed for four years with Seattle-based Variety Plus Theater and performed in the past with St. Paul’s children’s choir and in school plays. Simon has experience in fencing and parkour and is currently training in Aikido. Simon also enjoys playing soccer.

Kay Hellman (Dancer/Actress in the Chorus)

Kay Hellman has loved the theater since an early age and has always been involved in acting, dancing and often stage managing performances.   Kay came to Seattle to study at the University of Washington from a small logging town and fell in love with Seattle's diversity and  stayed to make it her home.  Kay has a BA in Drama from the U of W and is still on that learning journey.

Kay is fascinated by the amazing effect that hands on training has on a dancer's advance in the study of movement. She feels that because of the focus and loving attention her teachers have shared with her; she has changed a body that was fused and stiff into a body that can move and express itself more freely.  A special mention goes to Kabby Mitchell III, for 30 years of sharing his pure joy and love for Dance!  Kay lives in North Seattle with her husband, RJ & their 2 dogs & 1 cat.

Beth Hollingsworth (Dancer/Actress in the Chorus)

With studies and experience in no relevant field, Beth was intrigued by her first viewing of Illuminatio at Arts & Nature festival in 2013 and has followed the project ever since.

Michele McCauley (Dancer/Actress in the Chorus)

Michele debuted as a dancer in the early 70’s with a site-specific improv piece set to the Seattle International Fountain’s ever-changing music. She currently dreams ofrunning away to join the circus.

Her son disapproves.

Stella Rossi (Dancer/Actress, interpreting the role, “The Lunatic”)

Originally from Asuncion, Paraguay, Stella started her artistic career at the young age of 3. She studied at one of the most important Art Schools in Paraguay where she graduated with a Master’s Degree. At the age of 15 she was chosen to join the National Ballet Folklorico Municipal of Asuncion, Paraguay and became principal dancer.

With this Ballet Company she represented her country as an ambassador of the Paraguayan culture in several International Festivals around the world. She initiated her professional singing career as a soprano with the choral group “Marandu” in Asuncion, developing then through the years as a singer and guitarist with several bands throughout the US as well as in Europe. Stella also performs with her own band, DESEO CARMIN.

Andrei Stomma (Composer)

Accomplished musician and composer, he began in his early years studying in several prestigious Music Schools in his native Saint Petersburg, Russia, where he took an interest in orchestra composition and arrangement. Mr. Stomma continued a self-educational journey and developed his own and characteristic composition style that generated a lot of attention and positioned him as one of the best in his genre. For many years he performed and arranged for various well-known punk and rock bands, touring throughout Europe and the U.S.

Since his move to the United States in 1993, he has worked on an array of commissioned works for companies such as Bolshoi Ballet and the Moscow Circus. Mr. Stomma continues to work on several studio projects, writing, composing and working on post-production for several performing artist throughout the U.S

Sarah Ward (Dancer/Actress, interpreting the role, “The Beast”)

Sarah was drawn to the depth of expression in flamenco 14 years ago and has been dancing itever since. She has studied with Kasandra "La China", "ChaCha" Bermudez, and Concha Jareño, and performs regularly with the Seattle Peña Flamenco group with rave reviews. When she’s not dancing you can find her teaching calligraphy. Sarah also teaches beginner flamenco at The Studio in Issaquah.