Update on Creation

Thank you for your interest in The Illuminatio Project, a dance theatre project based on the play Illuminatio: Yo Soy. The play was created by Spanish playwright, Antonio Delgado, in 2004 at the beginning of Spain’s economic crisis. Illuminatio is a morality play, similar to Everyman. The plot is simple and the characters are all allegorical figures. An Individual is born from Light, gets lost in Darkness, and eventually finds her way back to the Light. These three actions make up the trilogy into which Illuminatio is divided – “Creation”, “Slavery of the System”, and “Illumination” respectively. We performed “Slavery of the System” in the summer of 2013, and now we are working on “Creation”.

So we are turning our creative energies away from depicting the darkness of the system and towards the more difficult task of embodying the light of creation. A friend told me the other day that after all, we all know about the darkness. Much more important is to show what the light looks like. So, apart from having the same characters following the same play, Creation is so different from Slavery of the System that having seen the latter will hardly prepare you for this new piece. We are approaching the choreography in a very different way, sharing ideas, experimenting with different movement styles, and collaborating closely.

Working on this piece has been a transformative experience for me. The task of embodying creation has deepened my connection with nature. My energies and activism have increasingly turned towards hands-on planting, forest restoration and connection with others. Antonio and I, speaking about the popular resistance to the current government in Spain, recently had a conversation about Wangari Maathai, and the way she was able to transform her country through the simple act of planting trees. Working to organize a free screening of Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai for Earth Day with West Seattle Meaningful Movies was also part of my process. Sharing this with Antonio was significant. He has since become very interested in Dr. Maathai’s story, and we have had another conversation to explore further what it is about her that interests us so much and how that relates to our individual journeys.

I have been sharing our creative process in the making of Illuminatio: Creation on The Illuminatio Project’s Facebook page. I have shared a number of articles, creative projects, and literature in order to express the inspirations and the information I have found which have guided me in this process. These references will now be integrated onto this website on the Sources of Inspiration page along with my reflections on them.

We will be presenting excerpts from Illuminatio: Creation at the West Seattle Summer Feston the Green Stage in July. Summer events and a fall performance will be posted on this page as they are confirmed.