Kickstarter Update #2


Today is the last day of the Kickstarter campaign, and there is a strong possibility that we will not get funded. The project continues to move forward with an ever-deepening sense of trust within the small community of us who are collaborating on this project. In the next few days, we should find out whether we have been awarded a 4Culture grant from King County for Illuminatio. This information will factor in to our decision of how to move forward with fundraising.

This Kickstarter campaign has been extremely rewarding. I have learnt so much and have gotten so much practice communicating the intention of this project to others. It has helped me to clarify the process I want to use to promote Illuminatio. This process must align with the overall intention of the project – to invite others to become more fully awake and alive and to strengthen our faith through our dedication to this work, always striving to trust, to share our gifts more freely with others. And I am so happy that it inspired you all to support it and send encouragement. That is the best kind of support.

The fundraising campaign will have to be revamped. I have several ideas; your input is very welcome. The deadline must be longer in order to give time for the steady growth of a community of supporters that understand the project’s intention and benefit by being part of it. I would like to offer rewards that are more down-to-earth. They should reflect the deepening sense of community within my small company of dancers and answer a real need of potential donors. Also, I want to dedicate more time to meeting with people and groups in my community face-to-face and asking for support personally. By approaching groups of every faith, I intend to remain true to the purpose that was so often repeated by Brother Roger of Taize throughout his lifetime, the purpose of reconciliation, using this project as common ground. That purpose is inherent as well in Illuminatio, as it was written to apply universally to any individual who senses a presence within that is beyond the material self.

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I believe we will do another Kickstarter, but that is not yet decided. At any rate, it will be announced on the website and Facebook page. Thank you again for being part of the first Kickstarter adventure of the Illuminatio Project. I hope you will stay in touch.

Amanda Goodwin