Kickstarter Update #1


Last night, in rehearsal, watching my dancers brainstorm movements for the next section of the twelve minute piece, I was struck by how well they have come to understand this work and their role in it. The better they understand the intention, the symbolism and the ideas behind the movement, the more effortless becomes the creation of the choreography, until I am giving them the beginning of a thought and they are finishing the thought and adding the next thoughts that follow. Trying to explain what I have been calling ‘The Frantic Section,’ I groped for the term that would describe the frenzy that arises from an awareness that the System does not work and is on the verge of collapse. ‘An extinction burst,’ supplied Michele M. readily. ‘Exactly,’ I replied amazedly. How well my dancers understand this concept! Working as a team in open, honest collaboration, the task is not at all burdensome.

In promoting this show, I would like to foster that same spirit. I do not want people to donate to this project as a result of any manipulation or mean art, but out of free will and understanding. It is possible that such an understanding takes longer than 30 days to engender, but I am dedicated to this task. It is as much a part of The Illuminatio Project as the show. Antonio has devoted much time to helping me to understand his play, and it is only through my understanding that I am able to explain to others. The idea of Illuminatio is not to force a religion or a definition of spirituality down anybody’s throat, but rather to direct the attention within. The struggles in the play are basically inner struggles – with fear, doubt, insecurity, ego. Giving each aspect of these invisible struggles a name and a physical shape, can help strengthen our awareness of all that exists inside us and how powerful these forces are in our lives, how these forces, though invisible, can shape our reality. The developing of self-awareness naturally leads to common ground with others and with all life.

It can be difficult to talk about the soul’s path. Scary. In some ways, it is easier to say your religion and leave it at that, but that is not the full story. When the conversation is about facing your fear, unmasking yourself and leaving yourself vulnerable, or whitewashing your true self to hide… then it becomes interesting, as we can all relate to it.

So, I thank you once again for pledging to Illuminatio. I hope that this update has helped you towards an understanding of its purpose. I have also updated the Facebook page, so that it now has a full description, mission, and information on its origins. You can post or message on the Facebook page, and I hope you will recommend it to your friends and acquaintances.

Love, Amanda Goodwin