New Partnerships!

The Illuminatio Project is proud to announce two new partnerships with kindred groups that are collaborating with us to make this project happen. The Rainier Valley Cultural Center has added The Illuminatio Project to their list of presenting partners. The mission of the Rainier Valley Cultural Center is to support a vibrant arts community in their surrounding neighborhood in a sustainable way. We are developing out a plan in which we can support each other, bring art to the community, and make this work sustainable.

The other partnership is with Shunpike who invited The Illuminatio Project in February to be part of their Partner Artist program. First of all, this means that you can now make tax deductible donations to The Illuminatio Project through Shunpike. The ‘donate’ button on the page will take you to Shunpike’s website where you can contribute. As part of this program, The Illuminatio Project will also receive much needed help organizing the financial and legal pieces of this production, including help with grant-writing, taxes, and licenses. My intention is to learn more about these processes so as to understand how to integrate the financial side in my own way. One thing that is clear to me is that I want to be supported by small donations from ordinary people who believe in this project. I want this project to be supported by those for whom it was made.