The Animation Inspired by String Theory
Andrzej Jobczik’s film, The Animation Inspired by String Theory, starts off Illuminatio:Creation. Check out Andrzej Jobczik’s YouTube channel for more interesting mind experiment animations

Judith Cornell – Mandalas
We adapted many of the meditations in Judith Cornell’s Mandala to make our mandala dance. On this website, dedicated to Dr. Cornell’s life, are many resources for learning about how to make mandalas and use them for healing.

Mark Whittle
The website where we got our big bang sound byte. The universe’s first million years, compressed to 10 seconds, shifted up by 50 octaves, and played at constant volume. Mark Whittle’s work centers around the sound of the universe

The Power of Limits and The Wealth of Nature
I have recently read two books, which I would recommend to you all, The Power of Limits: Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art and Architecture by Gyorgy Doczi and The Wealth of Nature by John Michael Greer. Here are two quotes from the books which have given me insight into why I am put off by those that seem to want me to put a blind faith into science. Doczi’s book is so beautiful. Such a work of love. This architect studied the Golden Mean and measured and charted over a hundred examples of proportions in animals, insects, dinosaurs, human beings, Western and Eastern works of art, and more and compared these proportions to those of true musical harmony. A 1:2 proportion would be an octave, a 2:3 proportion or one approximating the Golden Mean of 6.18 would be a Diapente, and a 3:4 proportion would be a Diatesseron. All of these are musical steps that create harmony. So it is basically a book about how our bodies, the proportions inherent in them, are songs that sing in harmony with everything around us – leaves, creatures – and that we create art according to these proportions. Here is what Gyorgy Doczi has to say about wisdom and knowledge:

“In a certain sense, these two human aptitudes are almost indistinguishable from one another; in another sense, they are polar opposites. Wisdom is a putting together, knowledge a taking apart. Wisdom synthesizes and integrates, knowledge analyzes and differentiates. Wisdom … envisions relationship, wholeness, unity. Knowledge accepts only that which can be veified by the senses; it grasps only the specific and the diverse.”

Gyorgy goes on to say that wisdom and knowledge “are indeed dinergic diversities sharing the same basic pattern-forming processes. If we could unite them, we and our world would become more whole.”

The other book, The Wealth of Nature, is a look at what went wrong with economic thought, starting with Adam Smith. John Michael Greer points out that when your original scientific model is based on wrong assumptions, it is hard to rectify that. In this quote John Michael Greer compares Adam Smith to Claudius Ptolemy: “Ptolemy’s theories were clear and compelling, and they corresponded closely enough to the way the heavens seemed to work that most of the astromoners who built on his work took his models for hard fact. Underlying those models, though, was a fundamental mistake: Ptolemy’s conviction that the Earth was located at the center of the cosmos and everything else rotated around it. That mistake forced Ptolemy’s successors to come up with one workaround after another for celestial motions that never quite did what the model said they should do, until Nicholas Copernicus figured out what the problem actually was… Economics is badly in need of a Coperinican revolution of its own, one that will recognize that the center of economic activity is not where today’s economists think it is.” And to come back to the thoughts about wisdom and knowledge, John Michael Greer is not an economist. His voice is so important, though. As are mine and yours.

Just to always remember that there is a small community of monks in France, called Taize, that work ceaselessly for love, solidarity and peace.

Dreams Unlimited
I admire these two artists very much

Harmony: Tseltal Maya View of the Cosmos
Here is another Creation story to think about. And we are back to the same concepts – harmony, ‘the word’… In this case, the importance of dialogue in creation is underlined. I would really like to know how you all feel and think about your own and the universe’s creation. I have edited my survey in the previous post, but if no one has taken it by a week from today, I am abandoning the idea of surveys and will try another way to start this conversation. I am open to ideas on how to start this dialogue…

Unfolding Secrets
This video is so much like the as yet uncreated, ‘Creation’. These artists are on the same journey that we are, and it is so nice to know that there are more of us. Perhaps many. Perhaps more every day… This short talk might help put into context the piece, Illuminatio: Slavery of the System, which we did last summer. This was certainly a concept we explored.

How to Help Other People Awaken
I have been working on a grant, and we have started rehearsals for ‘Creation’. I continue to study sacred geometry and mandalas as part of my research for this choreography. I like this quote: “Geometry is frozen music.” Supposedly said by the ancient Greeks. I found that in one of the MANY interesting articles I found when I googled “music, aboriginal, crop circles.” Here is another article I found: ‘Creation’ will be exploring, among other concepts, the idea that creation begins with sound.

Jon Anderson: State of Independence
I would say Jon Anderson is one of my biggest inspirations. It was while I was re-watching the special features on his Tour of the Universe DVD that I got the idea of basing the next section of Illuminatio, Creation, on the golden mean. This video artist is also obviously Jon Anderson and golden mean inspired.

Ophir Paz: Dreamworld
This artist is in line with Illuminatio.

Marco Missinato on Super Woo Radio
An interview with Marco Missinato