Update on Creation

Thank you for your interest in The Illuminatio Project, a dance theatre project based on the play Illuminatio: Yo Soy. The play was created by Spanish playwright, Antonio Delgado, in 2004 at the beginning of Spain’s economic crisis. Illuminatio is a morality play, similar to Everyman. The plot is simple and the characters are all allegorical figures. An Individual is born from Light, gets lost in Darkness, and eventually finds her way back to the Light. These three actions make up the trilogy into which Illuminatio is divided – “Creation”, “Slavery of the System”, and “Illumination” respectively. We performed “Slavery of the System” in the summer of 2013, and now we are working on “Creation”.

So we are turning our creative energies away from depicting the darkness of the system and towards the more difficult task of embodying the light of creation. A friend told me the other day that after all, we all know about the darkness. Much more important is to show what the light looks like. So, apart from having the same characters following the same play, Creation is so different from Slavery of the System that having seen the latter will hardly prepare you for this new piece. We are approaching the choreography in a very different way, sharing ideas, experimenting with different movement styles, and collaborating closely.

Working on this piece has been a transformative experience for me. The task of embodying creation has deepened my connection with nature. My energies and activism have increasingly turned towards hands-on planting, forest restoration and connection with others. Antonio and I, speaking about the popular resistance to the current government in Spain, recently had a conversation about Wangari Maathai, and the way she was able to transform her country through the simple act of planting trees. Working to organize a free screening of Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai for Earth Day with West Seattle Meaningful Movies was also part of my process. Sharing this with Antonio was significant. He has since become very interested in Dr. Maathai’s story, and we have had another conversation to explore further what it is about her that interests us so much and how that relates to our individual journeys.

I have been sharing our creative process in the making of Illuminatio: Creation on The Illuminatio Project’s Facebook page. I have shared a number of articles, creative projects, and literature in order to express the inspirations and the information I have found which have guided me in this process. These references will now be integrated onto this website on the Sources of Inspiration page along with my reflections on them.

We will be presenting excerpts from Illuminatio: Creation at the West Seattle Summer Feston the Green Stage in July. Summer events and a fall performance will be posted on this page as they are confirmed.

Kickstarter Update #2


Today is the last day of the Kickstarter campaign, and there is a strong possibility that we will not get funded. The project continues to move forward with an ever-deepening sense of trust within the small community of us who are collaborating on this project. In the next few days, we should find out whether we have been awarded a 4Culture grant from King County for Illuminatio. This information will factor in to our decision of how to move forward with fundraising.

This Kickstarter campaign has been extremely rewarding. I have learnt so much and have gotten so much practice communicating the intention of this project to others. It has helped me to clarify the process I want to use to promote Illuminatio. This process must align with the overall intention of the project – to invite others to become more fully awake and alive and to strengthen our faith through our dedication to this work, always striving to trust, to share our gifts more freely with others. And I am so happy that it inspired you all to support it and send encouragement. That is the best kind of support.

The fundraising campaign will have to be revamped. I have several ideas; your input is very welcome. The deadline must be longer in order to give time for the steady growth of a community of supporters that understand the project’s intention and benefit by being part of it. I would like to offer rewards that are more down-to-earth. They should reflect the deepening sense of community within my small company of dancers and answer a real need of potential donors. Also, I want to dedicate more time to meeting with people and groups in my community face-to-face and asking for support personally. By approaching groups of every faith, I intend to remain true to the purpose that was so often repeated by Brother Roger of Taize throughout his lifetime, the purpose of reconciliation, using this project as common ground. That purpose is inherent as well in Illuminatio, as it was written to apply universally to any individual who senses a presence within that is beyond the material self.

Please follow us on Facebook or at our own website at these links:


I believe we will do another Kickstarter, but that is not yet decided. At any rate, it will be announced on the website and Facebook page. Thank you again for being part of the first Kickstarter adventure of the Illuminatio Project. I hope you will stay in touch.

Amanda Goodwin

Kickstarter Update #1


Last night, in rehearsal, watching my dancers brainstorm movements for the next section of the twelve minute piece, I was struck by how well they have come to understand this work and their role in it. The better they understand the intention, the symbolism and the ideas behind the movement, the more effortless becomes the creation of the choreography, until I am giving them the beginning of a thought and they are finishing the thought and adding the next thoughts that follow. Trying to explain what I have been calling ‘The Frantic Section,’ I groped for the term that would describe the frenzy that arises from an awareness that the System does not work and is on the verge of collapse. ‘An extinction burst,’ supplied Michele M. readily. ‘Exactly,’ I replied amazedly. How well my dancers understand this concept! Working as a team in open, honest collaboration, the task is not at all burdensome.

In promoting this show, I would like to foster that same spirit. I do not want people to donate to this project as a result of any manipulation or mean art, but out of free will and understanding. It is possible that such an understanding takes longer than 30 days to engender, but I am dedicated to this task. It is as much a part of The Illuminatio Project as the show. Antonio has devoted much time to helping me to understand his play, and it is only through my understanding that I am able to explain to others. The idea of Illuminatio is not to force a religion or a definition of spirituality down anybody’s throat, but rather to direct the attention within. The struggles in the play are basically inner struggles – with fear, doubt, insecurity, ego. Giving each aspect of these invisible struggles a name and a physical shape, can help strengthen our awareness of all that exists inside us and how powerful these forces are in our lives, how these forces, though invisible, can shape our reality. The developing of self-awareness naturally leads to common ground with others and with all life.

It can be difficult to talk about the soul’s path. Scary. In some ways, it is easier to say your religion and leave it at that, but that is not the full story. When the conversation is about facing your fear, unmasking yourself and leaving yourself vulnerable, or whitewashing your true self to hide… then it becomes interesting, as we can all relate to it.

So, I thank you once again for pledging to Illuminatio. I hope that this update has helped you towards an understanding of its purpose. I have also updated the Facebook page, so that it now has a full description, mission, and information on its origins. You can post or message on the Facebook page, and I hope you will recommend it to your friends and acquaintances.

Love, Amanda Goodwin

New Partnerships!

The Illuminatio Project is proud to announce two new partnerships with kindred groups that are collaborating with us to make this project happen. The Rainier Valley Cultural Center has added The Illuminatio Project to their list of presenting partners. The mission of the Rainier Valley Cultural Center is to support a vibrant arts community in their surrounding neighborhood in a sustainable way. We are developing out a plan in which we can support each other, bring art to the community, and make this work sustainable.

The other partnership is with Shunpike who invited The Illuminatio Project in February to be part of their Partner Artist program. First of all, this means that you can now make tax deductible donations to The Illuminatio Project through Shunpike. The ‘donate’ button on the page will take you to Shunpike’s website where you can contribute. As part of this program, The Illuminatio Project will also receive much needed help organizing the financial and legal pieces of this production, including help with grant-writing, taxes, and licenses. My intention is to learn more about these processes so as to understand how to integrate the financial side in my own way. One thing that is clear to me is that I want to be supported by small donations from ordinary people who believe in this project. I want this project to be supported by those for whom it was made.