Acting Immersion Retreat At Camp Long June 3-5

June 3-5: Acting Immersion Weekend
Camp Long, West Seattle
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Join us for a three day acting immersion experience with the Artistic Directors of The Illumintatio Project, Amanda Goodwin and Antonio Delgado. Sleeping accomodations in the cabins of Camp Long in West Seattle. All meals provided.

“What is an actor and what is the actor’s job?

To explore and discover. Explorers of their own inner worlds. They who penetrate within and, in contemplating their Self, are surprised by discovering the versatility of their Being for creating, for giving themselves over in body and soul and absolutely to characters who come to life.”

“Once the actors have acquired the faculty of consciously observing their thoughts and of experiencing peace in their feelings and can control and articulate the body in the service of a higher and better expression, then what develops is the conscious body, the consciousness; and rational processes give way to intuition.This is COGNIZING.” -Antonio Delgado

In this retreat, you will learn the acting technique that Antonio Delgado developed – a technique that has three phases. First, the actor must recognize the mask or ego-self that obscures the essence of our being. Secondly, the actor will learn how to integrate the mask, embracing and forgiving the ego, and finding within the center of all thought, balance in the feelings, and the impeccable poise of Being. In the third phase, from this inspired state, then it is possible to breathe the essence of one’s being, of spirit, into any “new” character.

No acting experience necessary. This technique is best suited to ages 14 and up. Please inquire if you would like to bring younger children with Amanda Goodwin at or call 206-234-8756

Groups of 6 or more $220 per person
Early registration before May 1st $270
Regular price $325

Meals and lodging provided.

More about Antonio Delgado and Amanda Goodwin:
Originally from Andújar in the Jaen province in the Andalusian region of Spain, he studied at the College of Dramatic Arts in Seville. He founded a drama school in Ciudad Real called Caja Negra which grew into a professional touring company and a venue for alternative theater and lasted six years.

In June of 1999, the company was awarded first place in the IX Exposition of Provincial Theater in Ciudad Real with Delgado’s unedited staging of Antonio Onettis ¨Salvia.¨ He has taught for 24 acting companies in the Spanish provice of Ciudad Real and for students of all ages. He has given courses on his acting technique to interested groups that were not exclusively acting groups but were interested in self-discovery and self-development, and he has collaborated with the public library in Ciudad Real to create a forum for theological discussion. Within a creative team dynamic with his company, Caja Negra, he developed the script for the audiovisual theatrical production, Illuminatio:Yo Soy, which premieres at Velocity on May 20th. Recently, he has been staging his own adaptation of Malificent in Andújar.

Amanda Goodwin, a bilingual dancer and choreographer, has been working with Antonio on the production of Illuminatio in Seattle since 2012. A certified Spanish translator, she will be facilitating communication, interpreting between Spanish and English and helping to decipher what the soul is expressing in body language and the language of movement and dance.