Register for our 4 Week Acting Workshop

4 Class Series, Thursdays 4:30-6:30pm
April 14, 21, 28 and May 5th
Single Class $15/ Series $50
Velocity Dance Center – Seward Studio (straight through main studio to the back)

What is the actor’s job?

To be a person who penetrates within and is surprised by discovering the versatility of her Being for creating, for giving the self over in “body and soul’ and absolutely to “someone” who comes to life.

Once the actor has acquired the faculty of consciously observing her thoughts and of experiencing peace in her feelings and can control and articulate the body in the service of a higher and better expression, then what develops is the conscious body, the consciousness; and rational processes give way to intuition.

Classes consist of a warm up in which Antonio guides the class into a state of moving meditation, moving on to guide exercises to awaken the imagination on a sensory level, and progressing to exercises that focus on specific objectives having to do with the interpretation of the emotional energy of a character in a specific conflict.

Co-facilitator, Amanda Goodwin, speaks the languages of Spanish and dance and will be helping to interpret between all the forms of communication used in the class.