14 Weeks!

14 weeks out from March 11th, 2016 performance at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle. In rehearsals these past weeks, we have been learning a new, ethereal dance, which I decided to add to the ‘Illumination’ section based on feedback that heavily charged images used in this section made it difficult to watch. Seeing the truth in this criticism, I have resolved on adding more images that are beautiful, light and gentle in order to restore balance. We are grateful to TPS studios and to Studio Current for their extremely affordable rehearsal space.

The development of choreographic ideas has been helped along by the small group of artists that participated in The Field with me these past five weeks. We met weekly, shared our work and offered each other feedback.

As far as funds go, we have a couple donors who have been very generous and have covered what we needed for rehearsal space and the rental of the performance space at Velocity. The next funds we raise will go towards paying the artists. Consider donating to The Illuminatio Project tomorrow on Giving Tuesday, December 1st. Donations to The Illuminatio Project through Shunpike, our fiscal sponsor, are tax deductible. A fundraiser is still in the works as well.

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Please be in touch. I would love to hear from you. Especially if you feel excited about something we are doing and want to participate, please write me a note at Amanda@theilluminatioproject.com.

Amanda Goodwin
Artistic Director