Illuminatio Project at Sustainable West Seattle’s Resilience During Times of Crisis Event

Believe it: Many of our WS neighbors are experiencing crisis- homelessness, hunger, gentrification, drug addiction, crime and more. How will we support our most vulnerable populations? What happens when we find ourselves in crisis? As more challenges come, what can West Seattle learn about resilience and strong communities from the economic crisis in Spain?

We’ll host a public discussion at the Admiral Bird on Saturday April 23rd 6-8PM to hear those living through real struggle and how they deal with crisis.

Join Sustainable West Seattle in listening to stories of coming together, and pooling resources to survive economic crisis.. Learn about the resource and time sharing projects West Seattle is using to build resilience in our community.


Please come by and join the discussion!

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Since 2008, working people in Spain have been experiencing an impoverishment of the middle class. A slow elimination of safety nets and social services, lay-offs of public employees, wide-scale evictions, homelessness while homes stand empty, and a rising cost of living without a rise in wage. Despite media propaganda, armed forces at public protests and failed reforms, popular resistance movements in Spain have endured and adapted from the 15 Million people movement called Indignados to form a third party, Podemos, to challenge the Spanish two-party system.

SmART Ventures Grant!

Seattle Office of Arts and Culture

Have you noticed a new logo on our promotional material?
Han notado que tenemos un nuevo logo en nuestros materiales de promocion?
We do! And that is because we have received a grant, our FIRST GRANT, the SmART Ventures Grant from the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture. We are so grateful!
Lo tenemos! Y es porque nos han brindado una subvención, nuestra PRIMERA SUBVENCIÓN, la subvención de SmART Ventures de la Oficina de Arte y Cultura de Seattle. Estamos muy agradecidos!

Register for our 4 Week Acting Workshop

4 Class Series, Thursdays 4:30-6:30pm
April 14, 21, 28 and May 5th
Single Class $15/ Series $50
Velocity Dance Center – Seward Studio (straight through main studio to the back)

What is the actor’s job?

To be a person who penetrates within and is surprised by discovering the versatility of her Being for creating, for giving the self over in “body and soul’ and absolutely to “someone” who comes to life.

Once the actor has acquired the faculty of consciously observing her thoughts and of experiencing peace in her feelings and can control and articulate the body in the service of a higher and better expression, then what develops is the conscious body, the consciousness; and rational processes give way to intuition.

Classes consist of a warm up in which Antonio guides the class into a state of moving meditation, moving on to guide exercises to awaken the imagination on a sensory level, and progressing to exercises that focus on specific objectives having to do with the interpretation of the emotional energy of a character in a specific conflict.

Co-facilitator, Amanda Goodwin, speaks the languages of Spanish and dance and will be helping to interpret between all the forms of communication used in the class.

Illuminatio: YO SOY Performance and Workshops

Harmony. Seduction. Corruption. Redemption. The struggle outside us reflects the struggle within us. Illuminatio: Yo Soy is a full-length theatrical production designed to be an immersive sensory experience.

Begun by Antonio Delgado in 2004 at the onset of the economic crisis in Spain with his company, Caja Negra, he embarked on an inward journey guided by the question, ‘Who am I?’ Illuminatio, from the Latin word meaning ‘Illumination,’ is about the journey that begins once this question is asked, the journey towards catharsis, when you truly see yourself unmasked. The drama provides the structure for choreography that shifts according to the dramatic mood between very controlled, graceful movement, contact work, martial art inspired movement, movement derived from flamenco and Spanish Classical dance, and modern, pedestrian-based movement.

Original music composed by Andrei Stomma, Felicia Loud, and Milton.

Opportunities to learn more about the work and interact with the author during his two month residency in Seattle:

Free Lecture with Antonio Delgado
Seattle Public Library, Central Branch
May 4th

Free Lecture with Antonio Delgado
Seattle Public Library, Douglass Truth Branch
May 10th

Illuminatio:Yo Soy
May 20, 2016
Velocity Dance Center

Acting Immersion Weekend
Camp Long, West Seattle
June 3-5

12 Weeks! + Fundraiser!

12 weeks until we premiere Illuminatio:Yo Soy at Velocity and we have been busy. In rehearsals, we have been resetting choreography for the Battle scene, the Sacrifice scene and the Impassioned Speech scene, all with the intention I mentioned before of balancing beauty with strife. Our composer, Andrei Stomma, has been busy creating original music for the Fear/ Evil scene. On the fundraising front, we are doing a painting party in January with drinks, snacks and marblizing. Stay tuned for the event link. Here are some images of marblized cards.

14 Weeks!

14 weeks out from March 11th, 2016 performance at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle. In rehearsals these past weeks, we have been learning a new, ethereal dance, which I decided to add to the ‘Illumination’ section based on feedback that heavily charged images used in this section made it difficult to watch. Seeing the truth in this criticism, I have resolved on adding more images that are beautiful, light and gentle in order to restore balance. We are grateful to TPS studios and to Studio Current for their extremely affordable rehearsal space.

The development of choreographic ideas has been helped along by the small group of artists that participated in The Field with me these past five weeks. We met weekly, shared our work and offered each other feedback.

As far as funds go, we have a couple donors who have been very generous and have covered what we needed for rehearsal space and the rental of the performance space at Velocity. The next funds we raise will go towards paying the artists. Consider donating to The Illuminatio Project tomorrow on Giving Tuesday, December 1st. Donations to The Illuminatio Project through Shunpike, our fiscal sponsor, are tax deductible. A fundraiser is still in the works as well.

Donation Link

Please be in touch. I would love to hear from you. Especially if you feel excited about something we are doing and want to participate, please write me a note at

Amanda Goodwin
Artistic Director

Call for Volunteers

Four weeks away from our performance of ‘The Illumination’ at Bloedel Hall in St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral! Sep 4th and 5th. Beautiful flyer coming soon! AND Preview performance at the Sustainable West Seattle Picnic at the Community Orchard of West Seattle ( August 20th. Picnic starts at 7, performance starts at 8. AND Call for volunteers: Hello there. Can you help out at our performances on September 4th and 5th? We need people to help greet, set up, take donations, and helping to make the ‘theatre magic.’ Performances are Friday night at 7pm and Sat. afternoon at 1pm. Volunteers need to be there an hour before. Email Amanda at

Quedan cuatro semanas para nuestra actuación de ´La Illuminación´en Bloedel Hall de la Catedral Episcopal de St. Mark’s el 4 y 5 de Septiembre! Pronto presentaremos nuestro anuncio con una bonita imagen. Y El 20 de Agosto en el picnic anual de Sustainable West Seattle en el Community Orchard of West Seattle ( Está al fondo de la entrada norteña del South Seattle Community College), tendremos una actuación de pasajes escogidos. El picnic empieza a las 7pm, la actuación a las 8. Y Necesitamos voluntarios. Hola. Quieres ayudar con nuestras actuaciones el día 4 y 5 de Septiembre? Necesitamos ayuda con la preparación, donaciones y con hacer la ´magia teatral.´Las actuaciones son el viernes por la noche a las 7pm y el sábado a la 1pm de la tarde. Los voluntarios necesitan estar una hora antes de la actuación. Contactar Amanda a